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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wearing my white upper uniform in my on the job training

I remember my on the job training in Crown Regency-Suite Mactan, i was assign in housekeeping and kitchen and food and beverages department. i have to render 960 hours in this hotel just to finish my OJT in this hotel and to be able to accomplish my duty required in school so that i will graduate. I remember my ojt was started last November 25 in Crown Regency- Suites Mactan and in 3 department my time was divided into 320 hours per department and i really enjoy my on the job training in this hotel the Staff and My Co-OJT is very approachable kind and friendly. My first deparment is Housekeping department, my first task was in public area i need to check the clubhouse and the gym comfort room need to check the amenties like tissues,scented candles trashcan and garbage.
> this is my picture with my co ojt C baby S. were cleaning the room and changes the bed-sheets. we need to clean the room for 40 minutes. That is our housekeeping uniform white shirt with nameplate.

> my second department food and beverages service, in this department i learn how to do skirting and i encounter different kind of people different status in their life. With my Close OJT friends Yaya and A. wearing our white long-sleeve and black skirt.
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>This is my last department Food and Beverages Production this is the most critical point, because you need to be careful because any mistakes that you will done will be your negligence you need to be careful and presence of mind. Your making food for the guess drinks you are responsible for their health. I was assign in the egg station  i make egg omelet for the guest because in this hotel they are serving breakfast buffet at 5:00 am to 10:00 am. my experience in this hotel is very memorable and gain more confidence for my self, and to prove that i can do better in my life. thanks to all the staff in this hotel for teachings and guiding when we had our on the job training thanks guys because what I've learn from school and ojt help me to improve myself.
Wearing my White Chef Jacket. I am linking this entry to Wednesday Whites. 


Cookie said...

Hi! You're a very hardworking person, I bet you'll be successful in your endeavor. Good luck on your graduation!

Redlane Geraine said...

here's to success in life! no doubt, you'll go a long way with your diligence and hard work. visiting here for WW.

Raya said...

I agree, you are so hardworking and I can tell you do your best in what it is that you do! I would love to master these skills myself.. malay natin, we can work in world class hotels! haha. thanks for joining WW last week.. Hope you could join again this week-- Linky's up!