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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

White Water Rafting-Cagayan de oro

Have you tried white water rafting? will guys i will tell you my experience in white water rafting in my beautiful city. The city of Golden Friendship,the city of bloom,boom and blossom. This is one of the most tourist attraction here in my City. I remember my first water rafting adventure,scary,nervous and really don't know how I feel that moment. Rafting is very safe adventure,they provide good service to there clients,they make sure that the guest will surely enjoy and have a memorable experience in rafting adventure. Before you will do the rafting there will be an orientation about the river and how many rapids that you will pass trough. they will instruction how to wear the safety gear,like helmets, paddles,floats,life vest,rescue rope,rafts and emergency kit. In every raft you have guide that will lead what you will do in the water, to instruct you to do the paddle forward,backward and to lock your feet you need to follow your guide what ever they will say so that there will be accident happen. In every rapids that you will pass through you will say HIGH FIVE and race the paddle up.Expect that in this adventure you will be expose to the sun,it is very tiring adventure but worth if you will pass all the rapids. My 1st experience was very memorable for me because i conquer my fear.
> With my classmate that one of the tricks that our guide teach us to stand and pull the rope and he will do the paddle alone.

Look at the faces of my classmates scared and nervous they don't know what to do, I remember my Friend  B said oh my GOD I'm gonna die know. ahahah fun. and my friend M is calling here mama.
This one of the nice tricks of the guide he will tell some paddles techniques just to spill the raft in order for to us fall from the water. Really fun because the raft will going to tip in over us.

So what are you waiting know??? Try and experience the white water rafting adventure here in Cagayan de Oro City. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Devotees of Guadalupe Shrine Church

Are you Catholic? Devotees of  St.Guadalupe? This is the perfect place for you guys!!! St. Guadalupe shrine is located at Gusa Cagayn de Oro City its just a minute away from the city proper. Many people are having there Lenten season here, celebrate and sacrifice during this Lenten season, Guadalupe Shrine is very sacred place , before you will reach the Church you need cross all Nine river ,the current of the water is slightly strong and you will see the beauty of nature birds singing, mountains,green scenery I'm sure you will enjoy visiting this place and having also a peace of mind in your heart .If you love adventure and adrenaline boost you can  try to ride in there huge tube just like in white  water rafting you also enjoy the small rapids you can do this in going back. Its a perfect place to offer sacrifices.If this is your first time to visit the place you need to hire a guide, because they will help passing all the trails,you wont be lost but they definitely know what part of the river cross which has bearable current.
>The church is on the top, your not allowed to enter the church wearing shorts and revealing clothes but if you insist you will force to cover blue cloth and red cloth provided in the church.
>crossing the river
>with my family relax time.
>going home with my classmates, adventure time rafting time.

So if you are Devotees of St. Guadalupe and you want adventure,fun, and to see the green scenery of the place visit Guadalupe shrine in Tablon,Gusa Cagayan de Oro City

Sunday, November 4, 2012

What Course Do you Like in College.

What course do you like to enrolled in college??? All of us here is the one who choose of our course but there are some parents that they choose course for their kids. Whatever course we choose is really the one the fits our emotional physical and mental capability. when I graduated from high-school way back 2003, my mom wants me to took-up BS Nursing, but i didn't follow my mom decision because I don't want to regret of taking up a course which i don't like and not my passion. When i graduated from high-school my mom told me okey go to this school have an entrance exam then after you passed the exam tell, i went to the school inquire about the course and then decided to take the entrance exam, i pass the entrance exam but it wasn't my decision to enrolled in that course, so i went home and told my mom that i did not pass the exam. Then after 4 years my mom again decided me to enrolled in college same course my GOD!!!! i choose to enrolled the course that i really wanted which is BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, in this course ive learn a lot it give me more self -confidence and knowledge on how deal with different types of people. HRM is not just about cooking and making new friends,socializing it also tackles about the cultures different types of culture and how they cooked before where did this cooking and table manners originated from. what i heard from different students,parents and other people. they will ask what course did you take up??? when you answered HRM they talk behind your back that course is only for those dumb,dull,slow people. will i really beg to disagree. In this course you will trainee how to become a manager,build your self-confidence in different kinds of people,knows how to do table etiquette and you will also experience travelling and exploring,discovering new things in this beautiful world. Yes I admit that I'm not so intelligent like those student who tooked-up BS-Education,BS-Engineering and more, I'm not good in English but what I'm trying to say please don't Criticize the HRM-Students because you don't know what they can do that you cannot do!!! all of us has different talents and skills taking up this course is very challenging and a bit expensive because most of the time we do laboratory and field-trips. I remember when i was in 4th year we have this convention and exhibition subjects. We created an events that we called KASALAN NANG BAYAN. We the fourth year student sponsor for those  couples who been together but not married just live in partners that is willing to have exchanges of bows. From the event to the reception we prepared and organized the event and seeks some sponsors in different goverment officials help. So taking up this course is not as easy that people are saying.GOD created us with different talents,knowledge that we can share to everyone. One thing i want to say Choose the course that you want not the choice of your Mom,Aunt,Grandparents and etc, so that you will not regret... In this course I experience giving
> This are the pictures taking from the last event I have in school.

My 1st experience in All Saints day and all Souls day in Cementary

When my grandmother died Ms.C its been hard for us because losing her is not easy shes the most wonderful,kind,generous and helpful person. We cannot imagine life without her!!! until know is still miss her I often visit her in the cementary where she was burred. Our bonding when she was alive was full of happiness memories we eat together go shopping even though she walk so slow because shes to fat, but still she tried to make things easier for her, she will not bother anyone just to take care of her. the time comes that she was sick i was there for her ill take care of her and i give her the medicines that the doctor give her. i could remember that time that she told me why do people is keep fighting for money and money can changes the attitude of some other people, i was so disappointed because she help everybody in the family but no one  would there to take care of her. Last January 21 she passed away and its hard for me because i was in Cebu having my on the job training, before I left Cagayan de Oro, I told her wait for me ill be back I want you to be with me on my graduation day she laugh and said Congrats on that day!!!! i will visit her in there house when i have free time and shes always there for me when i need help especially financial problem shes the most generous and loving relatives to us.

Last November 1 i went to the Green-hills Memorial Park and light some candles  and flowers for her and stayed there for almost midnight. that was my first experience sleeping in the cementary it was fun because many people are celebrating that special day for there lost love ones in cementary. They bring tents foods, drinks and all of the family is having fun and watch for the fireworks and flying lantern its so beautiful its just like having a fiesta in the cementary, many people also wearing their hallow-en costume and mask. So i promise to my self that i would do this every November 1, just to remember her because without her i would never reach the pinnacle of success that  i have right now. I everything i have i owe to her all the guidance and words of wisdom. Thanks much To you Mrs. C
>This is my picture at The cementary.
>with my dear cousins..picture taking time.