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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tell me what I did wrong?

I am Diana and I am 28 years old. I was born in Cagayan de Oro City. I have 2 kids a boy and a girl. My life is full of trials and obstacles, but despite of that I am still standing and no matter what happen only GOD is my strength. When I am deeply hurt I do not know what to do.
But since I have kids I never give up because they are my inspiration and they are my life. When I was a teenager I remember I promise to myself that I do not want to have a broken family. I want to have a happy life. When I get pregnant, I decided to stay with the father of my kids, because I do not want that my kids to experience and feel the life when I was a child. But since I have respect to my mom who is the one who support my financial expenses and she also provide the needs of my kids. I was still young and only high school graduate. I promise to myself I will finish my college degree and to continue the relationship we had with my live-in partner. I am not really close to my mom. I was raised by my grandmother and aunts. They were my guardian in Cagayan de Oro. Life is not fair. I am not blaming anyone of what happen to my life. I want to continue the life that I choose because I know I can surpass all of this trials and obstacles. I just found that the father of my kids is having an affair with his dear cousin.  I was shock I never taught that he can do that to me. I trust him with all my heart and soul. But what happen all my hard works and effort is useless. But I guess GOD has more plans for me because he will not give this trials if I can not handle this. So tired but happy for what happen. I am linking this entry to Blog Photo Challenge. 


Leah H. said...

Great photo with your kids.. They are worth fighting and living for!

Thank's for joining, bpc!

Poray said...

have faith and all will be well.. and maybe you need to ditch the partner if he is not being good to you..there is no point in staying in a relationship when your partner does not respect you

M.C.Diana Degadong said...

thanks leah, your kids is more cute than mine... yah its not good to stay in a relationship is not healthy.