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Saturday, October 20, 2012

After the baccalaureate mass with friends from college

This was after the baccalaureate mass with my friends in college.  It seems that long time ago, I am enjoying my college days with my friends.
Now we separated from each other. Some work here in the other cities.
Some of my friends work in my home town. Some friends work over seas.  I am now processing my work papers as of the moment here in my home town.

What makes this baccalaureate mass important it?
My Grandmother is joining with me at this very special occasion of my college days. She is always there for me. I am always grateful for my Mama for always being there by my side no matter what. I may not a good granddaughter to her in some way but I always love her. This is I and my Mama after my baccalaureate mass at school. We both are wearing white which is perfect to link for Wednesday Whites.

Do you still remember your baccalaureate mass back in college? Who was with you?


Raya said...

wow, it's always special to have our grandma attend events like these! Congrats and thanks for sharing your whites!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Bac. Mass always reminds me of my former work in school.. Thanks for bringing back the memories.