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Sunday, November 4, 2012

My 1st experience in All Saints day and all Souls day in Cementary

When my grandmother died Ms.C its been hard for us because losing her is not easy shes the most wonderful,kind,generous and helpful person. We cannot imagine life without her!!! until know is still miss her I often visit her in the cementary where she was burred. Our bonding when she was alive was full of happiness memories we eat together go shopping even though she walk so slow because shes to fat, but still she tried to make things easier for her, she will not bother anyone just to take care of her. the time comes that she was sick i was there for her ill take care of her and i give her the medicines that the doctor give her. i could remember that time that she told me why do people is keep fighting for money and money can changes the attitude of some other people, i was so disappointed because she help everybody in the family but no one  would there to take care of her. Last January 21 she passed away and its hard for me because i was in Cebu having my on the job training, before I left Cagayan de Oro, I told her wait for me ill be back I want you to be with me on my graduation day she laugh and said Congrats on that day!!!! i will visit her in there house when i have free time and shes always there for me when i need help especially financial problem shes the most generous and loving relatives to us.

Last November 1 i went to the Green-hills Memorial Park and light some candles  and flowers for her and stayed there for almost midnight. that was my first experience sleeping in the cementary it was fun because many people are celebrating that special day for there lost love ones in cementary. They bring tents foods, drinks and all of the family is having fun and watch for the fireworks and flying lantern its so beautiful its just like having a fiesta in the cementary, many people also wearing their hallow-en costume and mask. So i promise to my self that i would do this every November 1, just to remember her because without her i would never reach the pinnacle of success that  i have right now. I everything i have i owe to her all the guidance and words of wisdom. Thanks much To you Mrs. C
>This is my picture at The cementary.
>with my dear cousins..picture taking time.

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