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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kampo Juan-Barangay Dicklum Manolo Fortich

The new adventure in Manolo Fortich place name KAMPO NI JUAN, located at Baragay Diclum the newest eco-adventure that you will surely love and conquer your fear in heights, amazed the beautiful spots in this place But what it offers are raw, fresh, natural adventures not just for adrenaline addicts but for those who seek to experience what country living is all about. But the biggest attraction of KampoJuan is its setting: a deep ravine where a river runs freely. Every adventure play second lead role to the ravine: ziplines, hanging bridge, anicycles, rapel, and its coming attractions such as bungee jumping and a swimming pool are mere features.

 My cousin A had already try the Anicycle  wow love to try this soon.. Anicycle where you get to ride a bicycle on a cable hanging 100 feet on a ravine and expanse the length of 600 feet.

Walking through the hanging bridge which spans 360 feet across the ravine and 200 feet above the river is another breathtaking experience. what  a beautiful smile cousin although your scared of that.

Kampo Juan also offers zip line rides, rappelling, paramotoring and more thrilling adventures to come.

So what are you waiting now???? Come and visit the KAMPO JUAN.. soon i will visit this place thanks to my cousin A for telling me about this beautiful place for adventure and nature tripping. Kampo Juan is 6 hectares Plant Breeding and Demo Farm where organic crops are cultivated by Dr. Juan himself. It is a great place to visit for students and farmers who are into innovative, organic and sustainable agriculture practices. I am linking this entry to Blog Photo Challenge.



Dhemz said...

awwwwwwww..how fun! I would love to try that...maybe next time I visit back.

Raya said...

I just had a chance to visit Dahilayan last summer but did not get to visit Kampo Juan. Tsk.. they are not really that far from each other, are they? Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go home to Bukidnon right now and check out Kampo Juan! BPC hop, sis!

Rcel said...

Wow! That looks so fun!!! I hope I can visit the place someday! :)

BPC hop!

emzkie said...

wow that anicycle look so exciting to do! thanks for sharing your experience and the place

BPC hop!