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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Mom’s 47th birthday

This was 2011 when my Mom celebrated her 47th birthday. It was held in VIP hotel here in our city. She flew from Cebu to have her birthday here. I am thankful that my Mom celebrated her birthday here. How I wish that she also invited my Grandma. Most of her high school classmates were invited on her birthday party.

It was a fun party. She has a beautiful cake design with sea, fish and scuba diver. My Mom used to teach scuba back in Cebu.
I think her birthday cake really describes what her interest is. My other Grandma was invited too. I met most of my Mom’s high school classmates. I am so happy for my Mom. I want to wish her more birthdays to come. I thank God for blessing her good health. I know that we do not have close relationship but I am still thankful for all she has done to me. I want to say thank you Mom for taking care of my kids too. I miss and love them very much. I know that they have better future in your care.

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Deli said...

Wow! How cool is that! Your Mom teaches scuba diving :) I hope she has many more birthdays to come and you will enjoy a closer relationship together :) Liked your FB page :)