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Monday, November 5, 2012

Devotees of Guadalupe Shrine Church

Are you Catholic? Devotees of  St.Guadalupe? This is the perfect place for you guys!!! St. Guadalupe shrine is located at Gusa Cagayn de Oro City its just a minute away from the city proper. Many people are having there Lenten season here, celebrate and sacrifice during this Lenten season, Guadalupe Shrine is very sacred place , before you will reach the Church you need cross all Nine river ,the current of the water is slightly strong and you will see the beauty of nature birds singing, mountains,green scenery I'm sure you will enjoy visiting this place and having also a peace of mind in your heart .If you love adventure and adrenaline boost you can  try to ride in there huge tube just like in white  water rafting you also enjoy the small rapids you can do this in going back. Its a perfect place to offer sacrifices.If this is your first time to visit the place you need to hire a guide, because they will help passing all the trails,you wont be lost but they definitely know what part of the river cross which has bearable current.
>The church is on the top, your not allowed to enter the church wearing shorts and revealing clothes but if you insist you will force to cover blue cloth and red cloth provided in the church.
>crossing the river
>with my family relax time.
>going home with my classmates, adventure time rafting time.

So if you are Devotees of St. Guadalupe and you want adventure,fun, and to see the green scenery of the place visit Guadalupe shrine in Tablon,Gusa Cagayan de Oro City

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