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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

White Water Rafting-Cagayan de oro

Have you tried white water rafting? will guys i will tell you my experience in white water rafting in my beautiful city. The city of Golden Friendship,the city of bloom,boom and blossom. This is one of the most tourist attraction here in my City. I remember my first water rafting adventure,scary,nervous and really don't know how I feel that moment. Rafting is very safe adventure,they provide good service to there clients,they make sure that the guest will surely enjoy and have a memorable experience in rafting adventure. Before you will do the rafting there will be an orientation about the river and how many rapids that you will pass trough. they will instruction how to wear the safety gear,like helmets, paddles,floats,life vest,rescue rope,rafts and emergency kit. In every raft you have guide that will lead what you will do in the water, to instruct you to do the paddle forward,backward and to lock your feet you need to follow your guide what ever they will say so that there will be accident happen. In every rapids that you will pass through you will say HIGH FIVE and race the paddle up.Expect that in this adventure you will be expose to the sun,it is very tiring adventure but worth if you will pass all the rapids. My 1st experience was very memorable for me because i conquer my fear.
> With my classmate that one of the tricks that our guide teach us to stand and pull the rope and he will do the paddle alone.

Look at the faces of my classmates scared and nervous they don't know what to do, I remember my Friend  B said oh my GOD I'm gonna die know. ahahah fun. and my friend M is calling here mama.
This one of the nice tricks of the guide he will tell some paddles techniques just to spill the raft in order for to us fall from the water. Really fun because the raft will going to tip in over us.

So what are you waiting know??? Try and experience the white water rafting adventure here in Cagayan de Oro City. 

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