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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fantasy Land In Dapitan

Since I was a kid a really wanted to experience to go carnival or theme park like Enchanted Kingdom,Disneyland and etc. That's one of my greatest dream and place to visit, then I never realized that in taking up BS Hotel And Restaurant Management I can visit and experience the rides in this fabulous and fantastic place called Fantasy Land in Gloria de Dapitan. When my instructor discuss the itinerary about that educational field trip in Dipolog Dapitan Dakak. I was excited and happy but there is a problem the trip is a little bit expensive. I ask my mom if I could join the trip she told that we don't have money,so I ask the help of my aunts. I was happy that time because my aunt  send me money so that I could join the trip.Fantasy Land is nice and fabulous place people who surely love this place because a lot of rides for kids and adults. They also have center stage play. Bring back the child in you!! that's there tag line. I was so scared in reading in roller coaster my skin and face looks pail. we back 2008  all rides cost only for 200 pesos. In.my experience in gloria de dapitan is very memorable and enjoyable. Their favorite tag line is" Ibalik ang Pagkabata"."Bring Back The Child in You" You can do everything in Gloria de Dapitan and enjoy the fabulous kiddie Rides in fantasy Land and the magical array of dreamy character of the world of fantasy. Breathtaking major rides and exciting 3D and 5D motion. They also have restaurant and bars outside the Fantasy Land just a walking distance and really perfect scenery for captured every moment memories.

All my pictures is delete that's why i get pictures from the Internet. Come and Visit Fantasy Land In Dapitan 

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